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Did you study medicine to do data entry?
Let someone do it for you!
We Know What is Important
Your Time
Make a Difference
For Your Practice | For Your Patients
“ DRIEFCASE understands the importance of documentation for your practice. But we also understand that the process cannot disrupt your practice.

Hence, we have built "DRiefcase Connect" to work for you the way you currently do.”
Easy to Create Records
Patient Health Card
Our comprehensive patient card conveniently features all of the patient"s relevant information in one place for increased efficiency and minimal distraction. And documenting your practice could never be easier.
Upload Using Camera
Upload documents using the in-app camera (and you don"t have to do it, we will train your assistant!)
Unique Patient Check-In Feature
Our unique system of e-forms allows patients to check-in with a lot of their medical history and current ailments so can save time in their documentation
Upload By Email
Get your patients to e-mail you their records for your reference.
Intelligent Clinical Notes And E-Prescriptions Module
Generate clinical notes & e-prescriptions in a jiffy (typed or scanned - that"s your choice!)
Custom Data Entry Services
You didn"t go into medicine to do data entry. So let us handle your record-keeping by indexing documents basis multiple parameters such as name of the patient, doctor, type, etc for you.
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Simplified Clinic Management
Streamlined Appointment Management
Reduce no-shows with automatic patient appointment reminders and keep track of the queue from the comforts of your cabin.
Multi-Clinic Setup
If you are on the move, so are we. With DRiefcase Connect, set up multiple clinics and access each of our features for every clinic.
Multi-Role Interface
Separate user credentials for co-practicing doctors and assistants. You can even control / limit access and edit rights, if needed.
Our Patient App
Empower Your Patients With "DRIEFCASE"
Our online patient app and portal empowers your patients by giving them the access they need to actively participate in their care. Over time, we will build on the seamless integration between the two platforms to enhance our offerings, bring both the patient and the caregiver together.
Seamless Sharing Of Documents
Radiology, pathology and laboratory reports
Reminders To Patients
Locate & retrieve any record in under ten seconds
Safe, Secure & Dependable
We provide security that protects your important data.
Doctors trust us because we try to give them more than they expected.
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